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More than Just Forms

AOT Technologies’ offers the promise and power of quickly customizing online forms, making it easy to create new forms when new needs arise. Just this power alone makes an attractive idea for many office situations, but there’s more!

As Matthew Anderson, digital transformation consultant here at AOT, notes, “Workflow is the connective tissue of office life, and that’s where really shines.”

Matthew says that for companies just starting their digital transformations, tracking where the work is going and who has to do what next is actually an even more urgent need than creating online forms.

“Especially as companies grow, the idea that you can just walk the form down the hallway becomes hopelessly cumbersome,” Matthew said, “but to keep track of workflow using email or Excel spreadsheets is almost as unworkable.”

A New Era

Matthew notes that has the sophisticated features an office might need to bring your business processes into the twenty-first century. With workflow automation, managers can divide staff according to their duties, and set up automatic alerts when a form is ready to be evaluated by a particular group.

For instance, some staff can be made reviewers and others made approvers, and if your staff needs more information from the applicant, can be set up to alert the applicant too.

The ease of’s drag-and-drop workflow builder means you can add and move icons in the handy interface as you map the workflow you want.
Using Camunda’s implementation of BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), you can use all the conditional logic and branching you want in order to anticipate the workflow your forms will follow.

Keeping Track of It All

Camunda filters allow users to check how many tasks they’ve been assigned and how many tasks are unclaimed in their group, for instance. Although not drag and drop, the filters are easy to figure out and can be saved for future use.

Another power of Camunda filters is that if a user starts working on a form but goes off on vacation, another member of the same group can “claim” the form in order to continue working on it. The user is also able to check which tasks are due today or within a certain number of days.

There’s also a filter to look up tasks that are overdue, but with’s ability to send alerts, you can make sure you’ll never be taken by surprise as a deadline grows near.

Who’s on First?

Part of making all this work is great identity management, which provides through its Keycloak component to reliably secure access to your data. It supports a “need to know” philosophy through which you can specify which groups doing which tasks should have what kind of access.

And to cap it all off, there’s the data analytics you can run, courtesy’s Redash component, that can present convenient dashboards of where your processes are at and even extract patterns from the forms themselves.

All this in an open-source program that’s free! But wait, there’s more!

Robots on Command

Once you get used to all the regular features of, you might even want to take it to the next level: automating some of the decision making. With robotic process automation (RPA) you can create mini-programs to undertake even more sophisticated, and time-saving, actions.

Don’t let the robots scare you. RPA is just an even more robust way to analyze conditions and create a response. AOT has partnered with Robocorp so that RPA can be powerfully integrated into

An example of RPA’s power is its ability to scan particular fields of a form and then check online for information about a business making an application, for instance.

Be Your Own Programmer

Because is an integrated suite of powerful tools to build forms, map workflow, and perform data analytics, you get a great combination of tools all in one package. It’s an open-source low-code solution that might be exactly what your office is looking for, and both form design and workflow mapping can be done by your own regular staff. No professional programmer is required.

“We at AOT are really excited that can make so much difference in an office environment,” said Matthew, “and we believe workflow automation is a big part of it.”

Whether your forms are for business registrations, scholarships, performance reviews, employee onboarding, fishing licences, escalations, or case management, has you covered.

“Ultimately is more than forms,” said Matthew. “It’s a new way of working.”

Breaking Through

Ready to learn more about escaping the office maze? Contact us to find out how can transform your business processes!

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