Powerful Workflow Engine

The formsflow.ai platform is built from the best open-source software solutions available. We are excited to introduce the open-source workflow engine, Camunda. When it comes to workflow engines, open-source solutions help keep costs down while still providing the flexibility and function you need to handle complex tasks. This is why we chose Camunda for formsflow.ai.

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Camunda as Part of formsflow.ai

Formsflow.ai combines form.io’s open-source form creation capabilities with the identity management of Keycloak, the workflow magic of Camunda, and the analytical power of Redash. All of these systems are integrated to get your application up and running fast.

Thanks to Camunda BPMN Workflow Engine, formsflow.ai makes it easier than ever to design and deploy workflows that are automated and human-centric. Your forms will progress between your team members, ensuring that your clients or customers get the care they need and deserve.

formsflow.ai workflow engine

What Does Workflow Management Software Do?

A workflow management system is designed to automate tasks to simplify your business. Workflow management tools can help automate task management, time tracking, process improvement, and other business processes.

The Camunda BPMN Workflow Engine’s automation process allows different people to work on a single form submission as it makes its way through the workflow.

For example, if a client submits a request for a price quote, a workflow engine can help ensure that your sales team gets the notification and that the proper follow-up is done once the quote is delivered. The workflow management system can assign personnel, enable quality assurance, and help track every step along the way.

What is the Camunda BPMN Workflow Engine?

Camunda BPMN Workflow Engine is a lightweight open-source Java-based workflow engine solution. It is simple to use and comes with pre-built integrations for .NET Core and PHP applications.

To learn more about how Camunda stacks up against open-source PHP workflow engines and Open-source .NET workflow engines, as well as other alternatives, click here.

The things that Camunda Business Process Automation Software excels at include:

  • Automating human workflows such as notifications, recordings, assignments, and escalations while providing a flexible Tasklist.
  • Modernizing legacy business process management systems (BPMS)
  • Replacing complex systems that have been built in-house
  • Centralizing your entire process automation system

As a part of formsflow.ai, the Camunda BPMN Workflow Engine can help streamline your business processes with automation to take tasks from team member to team member, and from first contact to completion.

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