Supercharged with premium features and options

Every business is different – so we have built all the options you will ever need. Premium

Do more with formsflow Premium packages

We have bundled our hero features to give you the Premium, closed-source versions. Premium Packages can tackle more complex form management workflows and optimise resources to help you build faster.

Premium features include:

  • Multi-tenancy. Create logically separated environments for your teams, departments, vendors, or business partners.
  • Form bundling. Combine forms into a bundled application package using cross-form validations and form visibility rules.
  • AI-assisted development via Flow-E. Build forms and workflows even faster. (New!)
  • Low code workflow designer. Flexibility to opt for intuitive workflow designs, other than standard notations like BPMN,DMN. (New!)
  • Mobile Application/Offline access.  Available as an optional feature, this feature enables task management on the go, supports iOS and Android! Premium Cloud cloud hosting

With cloud options, you can get started in a jiffy!

We can customize your package to address your cloud-specific needs by bringing the requisite computing, storage, and data management to the table.

So, in case you don’t want to host the instance on-premise, we have got you covered. product options

Build the package that suits you best.

Premium versions come with continuous product support and updates to serve the requirements of your organization end-to-end, whether it’s form-led workflow management for internal processes or for suppliers, vendors, and business partners.

Premium Standard

  • Comes with all the premium features and helps you cover for the most crucial form-led workflows in your organization. 

Premium Lite

  • Premium Lite has all the features of Premium Standard, minus multi-tenancy.  If a single tenant environment suffices for your requirements, go with Lite.

Premium Enterprise

  • Customise your package with Premium Enterprise. You have to chose your base package, the Premium Lite or Premium Standard and top it up with any of the optional add-ons to build an enterprise package. Community edition

Want to get started, but without the Premium features?

If the basic features of is all you need, you can get the open-source Community version. You can enjoy the benefits of free open-source software, supported ably by the community.

In case you’d like us to host, we can offer a paid cloud environment customized for you.

You can always switch to a Premium package if your requirements change. 

As always, we have a free 14-day trial to explore