Rapidly build business applications with no programming

A completely free and Open Source 😍 framework that integrates intelligent forms, decision making workflows, and powerful analytics.

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Short introduction and demo videos if you want to check out the features before installing it from GitHub 

How it works

You can build your digital forms and BPMN workflows based business applications in 5 easy steps without any programming

  • Get Started
    Step 1: Get formsflow.ai
  • Step2 design form
    Step 2: Design Custom Forms
  • Design workflows
    Step 3: Design Workflows
  • Step configure security
    Step 4: Configure Security
  • Openshift
    Step 5: Deploy to Private or Public Cloud
Get started today

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Powerful Enterprise Ready Features

formsflow.ai is packed with all the powerful features you need to rapidly build fully functional enterprise line of business applications

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder

    Drag and drop form builder with rich UI components 

  • Powerful Workflow Engine

    Fully featured BPMN compatible drag and drop workflow designer

  • Next Generation Analytics

    Easily create dashboards to get actionable insights from application data and business process metrics.  

  • Modern Infrastructure & DevOps

    Containerized DevOps friendly solution that is easily deployable on-prem or on private/public cloud 

  • Built-in Identity Management

    Modern open standards compliant identity management that supports Single Sign-On and Federation 

  • World-class Security

    Industry standard security infrastructure 

Getting Started User Guide

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