Build forms and workflows, in a jiffy. is built to tackle complexities and scale, unlike typical LCAD-NCAD platforms where functionalities are limited.

Our platform combines’s low-code form designer, Camunda’s workflow tools, Keycloak’s security functions, and Redash’s data analytics features.



Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create online forms quickly and easily with an intuitive low code form designer with advanced capabilities including data validation, conditional fields, file uploads, and signatures.


Powerful Workflow Engine

Leverage the Camunda platform, an industry-leading BPMN 2.0 workflow engine to design and deploy automated and human-centric form software workflows.


Advanced Analytics & Beautiful Dashboards

Visualize data relevant to your business with customizable dashboards. Track submission metrics and derive insights from submitted form data.


Built-in Identity Management

Fully integrated access control and identity management including support for SSO and featuring capabilities like Keycloak workflow, OpenID Connect, SAML, and OAuth2.


Robotic Process Automation

Support for the latest RPA tools, like Robocorp workflow solutions, to seamlessly plugin bots into your business processes.


World-Class Security

Industry-leading security frameworks to secure your organization’s data in transit and at rest.


Modern Infrastructure & DevOps

Open source, low code technology stack combines best-of-breed open source solutions.


Multi Tenancy

A distinct URL for business units, that includes space for form design, workflows, and analytics


Mobile Application

A fully developed mobile application with customizable theme and business requirements, and offline features.


Deploy Anywhere

If you’d like to self-host, choose from your favourite public cloud provider or on-premise hosting options. We can also host with custom compute, storage and data management packages.


Connect to Everything

Integrate all of your existing solutions to quickly and easily.


DMN Compliant Rules Engine

Model your decision management processes and cases with our fully compliant rules engine.


Sentiment Analysis & Natural Language Recognition

Quantify and gain meaningful insights on your form data with built-in text analytics.


Front End Starter Kits

Develop, build, and deploy your project quickly and easily with our pre-packaged starter kit.