Advanced Analytics & Data Dashboards is built from the best open-source software solutions available. When it comes to advanced analytics and beautiful data dashboards, turns to the powerful Redash. Redash is a low-code application that can provide advanced dashboards and data visualizations.

Advanced analytics & beautiful dashboards

Redash as a Part of combines’s open-source form creation capabilities with the identity management of Keycloak, the workflow magic of Camunda, and the analytical power of Redash. All of these systems are integrated to get your application up and running fast.

Redash serves as’s analytics engine. It allows users to visualize form and associated data from diverse data sources using fully customizable dashboards. With Redash, you can track submission metrics and derive insights from submitted form data. redash dashboard

What Redash Does

Redash allows admin users of to configure dashboards of graphs to display qualitative and quantitative data sets from form submissions. This allows a user to set the definitions of what data will be displayed and how, in order to better understand the information they receive and make decisions based on that data.

Redash does require some knowledge of SQL to unlock its full potential. But once reports are created and auto-refreshed, this user-friendly solution can provide advanced dashboards and data visualizations. Redash does not require detailed knowledge of query languages.

With Redash, users can create visualizations for a wide range of metrics and KPIs. Redash supports 10 types of data dashboard visualizations:

  • Boxplots for exploratory data analysis
  • Charts in a variety of formats (line, bar, area, pie, and scatter)
  • Cohorts to analyze predetermined data groups over a period of time
  • Counters to display numerical data
  • Funnels to track sales and conversion related data
  • Maps to visualize users and reach potential
  • Pivot tables to analyze big data in a range of granularities.
  • Sankeys to visualize the flow of information or data
  • Sunburst charts to represent the interrelationship between hierarchical data metrics
  • Word clouds to visualize the frequency of word usage

Redash makes it easy to create charts/widgets once connected to a data source.

Why Redash?

Redash provides users with many options for dashboards and reports. Once configured, different users in your organization can be assigned a dashboard that allows them to see and interpret the data that is most relevant to them. These interactive dashboards can save time by providing the information your team needs at a glance.

But Redash also allows for users to dig deeper into the data when they need to, and to share their data-story with colleagues.

As a part of, Redash is fully integrated with your form data and your workflows to allow you to track submission metrics, demographic information, key performance indicators, and more. Our advanced analytics can help you to gather the right data, and to help you to use that data to drive decisions for the future.

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