Drag & Drop Form Builder

The formsflow.ai drag and drop form builder benefits you and your customers by allowing you to create custom online forms quickly and easily. Our drag and drop form builder is open source and low-code, so it’s easy to make it your own. Our form-building capabilities allow you to design forms and make changes to them as needed.

drag & drop form builder

formsflow.ai’s drag and drop form builder is powered by Form.io, the premier easy-to-use open-source form builder.

You can see the drag and drop form builder in action  here. In this example, the City of Victoria needed a way to streamline its business license applications. You can see how easily the form designer can create an application form and connect it with a workflow engine to get the job done.

Form.io as part of formsflow.ai

formsflow.ai combines Form.io’s open-source form creation capabilities with the identity management of Keycloak, the workflow magic of Camunda, and the analytical power of Redash. All of these systems are integrated to get your application up and running fast.

With formsflow.ai, making a form is as simple as dragging and dropping form elements into a new form field and configuring those elements as needed. Formsflow.ai’s intuitive drag and drop form tools make it easy to build many types of forms quickly and easily.

For example, you can click, drag, and drop a text field into the design field. You can then change the label of that text field to whatever you need. There are elements such as number fields and select boxes, as well as more advanced fields like date and time pickers and mobile responsive signature boxes.

formsflow.ai web form City of Victoria

What is Form.io

Form.io is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form-building platform. It’s perfect for creating web-based forms for a wide array of applications. With Form.io, citizen developers can create many types of complex forms including

  • contact forms
  • onboarding forms 
  • data collection devices
  • mobile forms

Features of Form.io

We utilize Form.io’s open-source form builder platform because it is full of  features including:

  • an advanced and versatile form builder
  • powerful data management tools
  • thorough and easy-to-use user management and authorization
  • easy application embedding
  • forms that can be easily translated to other languages
  • the ability to deploy forms anywhere, including mobile devices 
  • automatic API creation
  • complete documentation for every step of your process

And, of course, its drag-and-drop design makes form building simple and easy.

Benefits of Form.io

Utilizing Form.io, formsflow.ai’s drag and drop form builder allows virtually anyone to create online forms quickly and easily. Our platform provides an intuitive low code form designer with advanced capabilities including

  • data validation 
  • conditional fields 
  • file uploads
  • signatures

This system reduces development time while still allowing for full form customizability.

To learn more about how  formsflow.ai‘s drag-and-drop form design can make your organization more responsive to your customers’ needs, talk to us.