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formsflow.ai vs other Form Builders

There are a number of form builders in the market – we are built different.

I am restricted by the features/capabilities of the form builders I am subscribed to. How is formsflow.ai different from the usual form builders in the market?
  • Front-End and Back-End Capabilities: Formsflow Premium excels at handling both simple and complex tasks, whether they’re at the user-facing front-end or the backend workflows. Unlike many other form builders that initially catered to small businesses and later added enterprise features as an afterthought, Formsflow Premium is designed to meet the needs of diverse business scenarios.
  • Versatile Workflow Management: Many form builders struggle to handle complex workflows or adhere to standard business process management notations. Users only think of a survey or form based use case when they subscribe, but later realize that the actionability is seriously affected by lack of workflow management. Over a period, they get locked in to the platform and struggle to move out even when it’s technical bloat. In contrast, Formsflow Premium is adaptable and can accommodate non-standard and intuitive workflows, or it can follow the BPMN notation for more structured processes.
  • User-Friendly for Non-Technical Users: Formsflow Premium ensures that non-technical individuals can easily create simple forms using intuitive drag-and-drop tools and benefit from AI-assisted features. This lowers the barrier for entry, making it accessible to a broader range of users.
  • Developer-Friendly Features: If your forms or workflows require advanced functionality, such as API calls or field validations, Formsflow Premium offers scripting capabilities, empowering developers to extend the platform’s capabilities to meet specific requirements.
  • Inbuilt Analytics Modules: Formsflow Premium includes built-in analytics modules, eliminating the need to export data to gain actionable insights. This feature streamlines data analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time information.
How does formsflow.ai compare in pricing to other form builders?
  • Most form builders come with severe restrictions on user count, data storage, number of forms etc which makes them difficult to scale. Often the pricing tier you will end up with is significantly different from the entry-level tiers. Enterprises often get stuck with technical debt when they adopt such platforms which are seriously limited in functionality, but also get tangled in pricey licensing. 
  • Our premium versions are aggressively priced, giving you a lot of value, including capabilities like form bundling, multi tenancy etc which can significantly reduce cost, resource and time investments.
  • We offer a number of customisable add-ons in our pricing which will help you build a package as per your needs.
  • formsflow.ai has an open source version, so you could get started for free – and it will remain free forever. The features in our open source version itself are highly capable and can outperform SaaS platforms which might bill you thousands of dollars annually.
  • If you have your own infrastructure, you can even choose to host, thereby further bringing down the cost further. Majority of the form builders do not offer this option.

You can check out our pricing  for more details.

formflow.ai vs other Low Code or Business Process Automation Platforms

Single-minded focus vs going generic.

My organization has a subscription to a low code application development platform. Should I still consider formsflow.ai?
  • Form Automation is a specialized need that often gets overlooked by Low Code application development platforms. Many of these platforms aim to encompass numerous functionalities, which can sometimes result in a lack of focus and effectiveness. Form Automation, however, demands a high level of attention, particularly when dealing with diverse user profiles, including applicants, reviewers, and approvers, as well as critical approval processes and workflows.
  • Several Low Code application development platforms have neglected their form features and ceased to enhance their products over time. This may leave users with underwhelming solutions that do not fully meet their Form Automation requirements.
  • Moreover, many of these platforms adopt a user-based pricing model. This often leads IT teams to subscribe mainly for developers or analysts. Yet, Form Automation use cases necessitate a broader range of users. Using a Low Code platform exclusively for Form Automation can result in high costs, making it less cost-effective.
  • formsflow.ai, on the other hand, is specifically designed to address the unique needs of Form Automation, ensuring a tailored and cost-effective solution for a wide user footprint, without sacrificing functionality or usability.

Integrations & Events

Ensuring workflows run like clockwork.

Are workflows managed by formsflow.ai always triggered by form submissions ? Can formsflow.ai handle workflows triggered by other systems?
  • formsflow.ai boasts a robust workflow engine with the added flexibility of BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) compliance, making it effortless to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes.
  • In formsflow.ai, workflow triggers are not limited to form submissions. Workflows can be triggered by a number of sources. formsflow.ai’s APIs are available which can be used by other systems to trigger a workflow.
  • formsflow.ai can also create a form submission automatically, filling in fields with information from other systems.
  • The workflows developed in formsflow.ai can also trigger/run on a schedule.
  • formsflow.ai excels in seamlessly blending human intervention with automated decision-making. We have an integration with open source RPA tool Robocorp. You could also integrate other RPA tools if necessary.

Organizational Collaboration

Synergies and synchrony.

Who is the primary audience for formsflow.ai, developers or business technologists?
  • formsflow.ai is designed with a comprehensive approach, offering a wide spectrum of capability. This versatility is achieved through a range of features that cater to developers, from code-based development to AI assisted development (via Flow-E) and simple drag-and-drop tools. We’ve also taken into account business technologists and non-coders, focusing on intuitive front-end functionality.
  • With formsflow.ai, you can easily create straightforward forms with the assistance of AI and drag-and-drop tools, making it accessible to a wide user base. However, our primary emphasis has been on the workflow aspect. We’ve implemented BPMN( Business Process Model and Notation) and DMN( Decision Model and Notation), enabling seamless collaboration between business process experts and developers while ensuring error-free processes. This adherence to standard notations enhances readability and simplifies future modifications.
  • Additionally, we offer an intuitive workflow builder option for those who prefer a more straightforward approach, should they choose not to follow BPMN standards. formsflow.ai empowers you to build and manage workflows with efficiency and precision.
What is BPMN ? Is it important for the user to know BPMN to use formsflow.ai ?

BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation. It is a standardized graphical notation used for modelling and documenting business processes and workflows. BPMN provides a common and easily understandable way to represent business processes, making it a valuable tool for both business analysts and technical professionals.

You do not have to necessarily know or follow BPMN to use formsflow.ai. We have a non standard (non BPMN) intuitive workflow builder as well, in the premium variants of formsflow.ai

However, usage of BPMN can significantly improve collaboration and efficiency – even if you are not using the notation today, or the use cases at hand do not require it, having a software with BPMN based workflow builder can ensure that your software will cater to complex processes in the future. Having both BPMN and non-BPMN options makes formsflow.ai friendly to all personas and skillsets.


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