Mobile Application

The mobile application is a task management app designed for staff users to review and approve tasks in their workflow from a mobile device. The application runs on Android and iOS platforms. mobile application

Welcome to the world of mobile! Where form management becomes effortless and efficient. Introducing our brand new mobile app, designed specifically for Android and iOS devices, enabling your staff to effortlessly review and manage form tasks on the go. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, staying on top of form submissions and responding to task lists has never been easier.

Key Features

Whether it’s approving requests, validating data, or providing feedback, our app streamlines the entire process, ensuring seamless collaboration and timely decision-making. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to productivity with mobile app. Download now and experience a new level of convenience in automated form task management!

  • Application history for all form submissions
  • Assign a task to other users
  • BPMN workflow diagrams
  • Data encryption for offline form, task, and submission data
  • Keycloak offline form access
  • New form submission
  • Render forms offline & online
  • Task list filters
  • Task management 

Multi-platform Support

Use a modern form management mobile app with multi-platform support on Android and iOS. mobile offers increased reach, seamless collaboration, flexibility, and convenience. Users can access and manage forms on their preferred devices, enabling efficient work processes on the move. mobile app Android iOS


Offline access

The mobile application provides complete offline access to the tasks created in the platform that have been claimed by the User or assigned based on the user role.

This means that end users can submit a form, edit the form data including due dates and follow-up dates, and more! Changes made in offline mode will be automatically synced with the live version on the server once internet connectivity is restored.

As always, we keep your data safe and secure! Form and user data held in temporary offline storage is entirely encrypted and saved securely in the local database. offline login access

Keycloak Online & Offline Login

Log in wherever you are with the custom-created Keycloak login. mobile supports login with offline access so that you’re customers aren’t disappointed and staff users don’t miss any updates when the internet goes out.

New Form Submission

Users can now search or select any form from the list and create a new form submission directly within the mobile application. This enhances convenience and accessibility, allowing customers to fill out and submit forms anytime, anywhere, without the need for a computer or physical paperwork. mobile form submission

Workflow Updates with BPMN Diagram

Displaying a real-time BPMN workflow diagram to view the current task status provides a clear visual representation of the form workflow process. This gives users visibility so they can have a better understanding of what is happening. Staff can easily identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential improvements, resulting in enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows. mobile bpmn diagram

Task List

Easily filtering a task list on a mobile application allows users to quickly find specific information or items, saving time and effort. By displaying a task list based on the selected filter and sorting results, users can easily locate what they need, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall user experience. Combined with real-time task updates and offline access, your team’s work just got a whole lot more convenient!

Task Details

Mobile task management offers numerous benefits to staff and customers including improved organization, prioritization, and productivity. It helps track and delegate tasks, set deadlines, and ensure efficient progress toward goals.

  • View task information including the due date, follow-up date, and assignee.
  • View form data and approve forms.
  • View application history with the ability to view the submitted forms.
  • View the BPMN workflow diagram to see the current workflow status.
  • Ability to view and edit the form data without an active internet active connection.
  • Assign a task to other users.
  • View list of available users with their roles.

formsflow mobile task details

Form List

End users of the application can use the mobile application to view all of the forms available for them to fill out in the form resource menu from right in the app.

This provides the ability for the user to search and filter forms, and to easily create a new secure form submission online or offline. We have also made it easier than ever to edit and delete forms as required.

To learn more about how‘s mobile application can make your organization more responsive to your customers’ needs, talk to us.