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Version 4.0 4.0 is now available with dozens of new features, easier installation, and enhanced usability.

The latest version of includes some key upgrades and new features that make the solution easier to install, configure and use.

Key updates for Version 4.0 include:

An enhanced Task Dashboard. This feature makes it easier for teams to work together processing digital applications.

A new User Interface based on  Vue.js, to allow for easier integration into existing projects and improved performance.

Automated installation & usability enhancements to make the whole process of installing and configuring quicker and easier.

If you would like to learn more about Version 4.0 and arrange a demo for your team please contact us here.

New Features of form builder

  • Added support for HTTP calls

Introduces the ability to make HTTP calls across components for quicker and easier setup. Earlier versions required SSL support which required a lot of time and effort to set up, with a need for a Keycloak server with SSL support.

  • Users can view the task list and claim tasks in real-time

Provides live updates to tasks, allowing teams to collaborate on a single task list in real-time. Used WebSockets support under the hood to make real-time communication

  • Automated installation steps for Keycloak setup.

A bundled, pre-configured Keycloak package for a local setup to simplify the installation process. This makes setup and configuration much easier.

  • Automated manual steps for resource id generation, included batch / shell scripts to simplify the process.

Provides a detailed description of required installation steps and automates the process where possible. As a result of these updates, installation time is reduced to 1-2 hours from 1 workday.  This is a key highlight for setting up the solution.

  • Task Dashboard UI update

The dashboard has been revamped with a new look and feel, which allows for greater control of data and stream updates.

  • The Task menu has been moved to the Header section

In the Task Section, filters are available in the main menu and a new Dashboard section has been added which includes metrics and Insights.

Other New Features

  • Dynamic property to set Application Name and logo in the header in Frontend
  • Users can click on an External shared link like in email to get redirected to a particular task/submission/form if the user has the right permissions (component: forms-flow-web).
  • Claiming of tasks is restricted to users belonging to the reviewer group (formsflow/formsflow-reviewer) of Keycloak. (component: forms-flow-web)
  • Application/Submission view for client role users are restricted to their own submission view. (component: forms-flow-bpm, forms-flow-web)
  • Added confirmation messages to notify the users on save actions. (component: forms-flow-web)
  • Application/Submission view for client role users are restricted to their own submission view (component: forms-flow-bpm, forms-flow-web).
  • Added Semantic UI CSS for forms design (component: forms-flow-web)
  • Listeners are well-documented with information on purpose, how-it-works, and how-to-use (component: forms-flow-bpm)
  • Support to associate a unique form with every manual task in the workflow process (Component: forms-flow-bpm)
  • New API for a health check has been included. (component : forms-flow-api)

Screenshot of the dashboard. |

  • New UI for based on Vue.jsThis allows for easy integration of to existing projects. For more details, check out the formsflow-ai-extension repository and to install our NPM package go here. (component: forms-flow-ai-extensions).

Screenshot of the menu and options. |

Screenshot of the menu and formslist. |

  • Added confirmation messages to notify the users on save actions. (component: forms-flow-web)

Screenshot of the forms workflow association saved confirmation. |

UX Features

  • Added a confirmation message when a form is associated with a workflow
  • Added a confirmation message when a form is associated with data

Solution component upgrades

  • React library upgraded to latest version-17.0.2 and fixed security vulnerabilities (Component : forms-flow-web)
  • Spring boot upgraded to latest version-2.4.2 (Component : forms-flow-bpm)
  • Redash upgraded to latest version:v9 (component : forms-flow-analytics)
  • Fixed Python security vulnerabilities and updated flask to 1.1.4 version (component : forms-flow-api)
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities. (component : forms-flow-forms)

Enhanced features

  • Enhanced Form Process Mapper API and Application API endpoints (component : forms-flow-api)
  • Improved exception handling of python to provide meaningful error messages (component : forms-flow-api)
  • Ability to map additional

Known Issues

  • Consoles related to http://localhost:3001/current Api Failing. The console messages can be ignored. Please refer to Issue-#106 for more details


  • Cosmetic changes to show success message after loading is completed
  • Custom component (Text Area with analytics) not retaining the value after submission. (component: forms-flow-forms)
  • UI layout fixes (component: forms-flow-web)

Reference guide for release notes

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