4 Reasons to Use Low Code for Business Process Automation

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A graphic depiction of low code business process automation

If you are looking to modernize your business processes, few things can make a bigger impact than automation. 

From email responses to report generation and distribution, if you can utilize technology to make things happen automatically, so many things get easier.

What are the benefits of automated business processes?

Automating your business processes can help in a number of ways. Forbes suggests that automation can allow you to (among other things)

  • “Reduce process time and heighten productivity”
  • “Identify sources of waste and understand whether additional steps are needed for improvement”
  • “Improve interdepartmental consistency and transparency”

Automation is a great way to move work from team to team, to keep everyone on the same page, and to address and solve inconsistencies.

What is low-code process automation?

Automation technology can be complicated and expensive to create, especially if you don’t have a software development team. Low-code automation platforms make it easy for business users to build apps that automate business processes without being experts in computer coding. 

Once the system is set up, a low-code automation platform becomes a drag-and-drop solution.

What are some important benefits of low code for automation development?

Shorter development process

Low code workflow automation can be done much more quickly than other application development methods. Because low-code is a drag-and-drop style building tool, it doesn’t require the same process of coding before launch. 

Formsflow.ai account executive Barry Hughes explains, “Low code means the client doesn’t have to phone up the IT department or hire programmers every time they need a word changed in a form. It’s putting the power to get the job done back in the hands of the people who actually use the software.”


Speaking of the power to get the job done, low code business process automation is user-driven. Because low-code development doesn’t require coding knowledge, it turns your team into citizen developers who can build the apps they need.


Low code development platforms allow custom app development to be precisely targeted. Your team can select the functions they want for each part of the business automation process, assigning the best workflow for each process. The right low-code platform will allow for a range of form options, and some platforms, like formsflow.ai, also feature a visual modeling tool to plan the workflow. 


By eliminating the need for a  full development team, low-code applications and automation can save you money. With low-code automation, you won’t need software developers or AI experts to create a better customer experience or a more manageable workflow. 

As you can see, low code business process automation can be a powerful endeavor for your company’s digital transformation. Formsflow.ai would love to help.

talk to us today to see how our low-code automation solutions can change your business.

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