Optimizing Hiring and Performance with an Open Source Form Builder

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Intelligent automation powered by modern business process engines and drag-and-drop open source form builders can transform the hiring process. Here’s how.

Recruitment has long been expensive and time-consuming, especially for businesses taking on dozens of new hires every month. The problem becomes exponentially more challenging at scale, as HR teams find themselves facing an avalanche of résumés and applications, not to mention managing job ads and outreach across multiple recruitment channels.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Hiring automation leverages technological solutions such as business process management (BPM) and intelligent forms to empower recruitment teams to add more value to their organizations.

Recruitment teams are at their best when they’re able to apply their expertise and judgment. Examples include persuading a promising candidate to choose them despite receiving a better offer elsewhere or determining whether a less conventional candidate is worth following up with. On the other hand, recruiters add the least value when they’re spending time invested in repetitive manual processes like prescreening, outreach, and onboarding.

Standardizing Hiring Processes

There’s much more to automated hiring than simply reducing the burden on recruitment teams. It also helps to standardize the process. In a recent interview with one of our clients at WebMD, they were struggling to meet the challenges of scale that came with hiring dozens of new personnel every month. The rapidly growing information services company needed to deliver a more efficient and standardized process for managing and onboarding the best talent.

For this, they turned to our open source form builder formsflow.ai. By leveraging a combination of open-source forms, analytics tools, and standardized business process modeling and notation (BMPN), their internal product teams were able to automate a significant portion of the hiring process. This allowed them to quickly implement automated decision-making workflows for sourcing and screening new candidates, while also using surveys to collect high-quality data.

Hiring processes powered by a universal, standardized business workflow make it easier to collect key information about candidates, while also automating routine tasks. For example, a pre-screening survey at the very beginning of the application journey makes it easy to ensure that recruiters don’t end up wasting time reviewing applications that are definitely unsuitable. Additional surveys can add a further layer of automation early on in the process, thus allowing recruiters to prioritize the most promising applications instead of having to rifle through dozens of them manually.

Workflows like these are prime candidates for automation and, best of all, minimal technical expertise is required to implement it. A drag-and-drop open source form builder, complete with user-friendly UI components allows for easy customization and automation. At the same time, modern workflow engines let internal product teams set up predefined workflows where tasks can be assigned, reassigned, and escalated when certain actions happen. For example, if a candidate fills in a pre-screening form, and their answers meet the necessary requirements, the application will be automatically moved to the next stage of the workflow.

Thanks to the increasingly widespread availability of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s now possible to automate hiring workflows far more complex and these relatively simple two- or three-step processes. If a process is repeatable, then it can and should be automated, whether it involves sourcing résumés, creating job adverts, translating foreign applications, or even conducting a sentiment analysis to determine how potential candidates feel about your organization. The possibilities for radically improving recruitment operations have never been better.

Formsflow.ai is a completely free and open source form builder that businesses can use to create and automate decision-making workflows. Get a free 14 day-trial of formsflow.ai to see how you can transform your hiring process.

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