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How to Download and Install

Getting Started is open source and completely free to download and install. You can find our respositry on GitHub which will give you everything you need to get started. In this article, we have described the different project dependencies and the installation options that are currently supported. For more information, or for help with downloading and installing the platform contact us and we will be happy to help. download and installation


  • Admin access to a local or remote server (can be local Windows PC or Mac provided it is 64-bit with at least 16GB RAM and 25GB HDD)
  • For docker-based installation   needs to be installed.
    • For Mac, make sure the  Docker for Mac memory allocation is set to at least 16GB.


  • Keycloak  (included under ../.forms-flow-idm/keycloak)
  •  (included under ../.forms-flow-forms)
  • Camunda  (included under ../.forms-flow-bpm)
  • Redash  (included under ../.forms-flow-analytics)
  • Python  (included under ../.forms-flow-api)



There are multiple options for installing

  • Docker Based installation
    • Docker Full Deployment
    • Docker Individual Service Deployment
  • Openshift Based Installation

Docker Full Deployment

Follow the instructions on  docker installation guide

Docker Individual Service Deployment

Install the components in the listed order. (NOTE: Keycloak,, and Redash dependencies are used on other components)

Openshift Full Deployment

Follow the instructions on the  openshift installation guide.

For more information please visit the  Download and installation page  on GitHub.

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