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Version 3.1 is an open-source solution that is built using React,, Camunda, Keycloak, and Redash. The powerful, enterprise-ready features of have been strengthened with enhanced capabilities. The latest version is packed with the following add-ons.

1. Process Diagram Integration for Client & Reviewer dashboards

The client (end-user) and the reviewer (staff) will now get to see which stage the application is in, with the help of process diagram navigation in the application & task dashboard. The Application Process Workflow diagram provides an insight on the possible stages of the application, the current status is also highlighted. version 3

 2. Versioning of form submissions now tracks the history of all form submissions and re-submissions made by the Client along with any edits made by the Reviewer. New form data revisions are automatically created to track data changes resulting from Reviewer edits and Client re-submissions.

For example, consider a scenario where the Client applied for a building permit. Once the application has been submitted if the Client realizes that an address correction needs to be made, the City staff user (Reviewer in this case) can make the edit on behalf of the Client. This results in a revised version of the permit application form data automatically created by along with the previous one resulted from the original submission. For further processing, the latest revision is used by the workflow engine.

3. Improved mobile device rendering

Version 3.1 has improved the user interface to make it mobile-friendly. This means that can be used on all devices with the latest release. version 3 mobile

4. Sentiment Analysis integration

Sentiment analysis function integration helps in understanding and rating feedback from unstructured text such as user reviews. We have integrated Sentiment Analysis on to provide support for text analytics on unstructured data such as feedback comments. Visualization of these feedback comments is rendered using Redash dashboards.

 5. version 2 support now supports version 2.1.0.

6. Application History

Application history provides a list of all state transitions that an application goes through in its lifecycle. Once the application is being reviewed for the client, the status change will be shown in the History tab. The status of an application can be seen by the client once logged in. version 3 application

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