Build for your industry’s needs.

Each industry is different and has unique challenges. Our product packages and services effortlessly cater to all your form-led automation needs. Streamline interactions with your vendors, suppliers, and clients by digitizing your operations with the power of LCAD. industries


Form automation is the glue that holds manufacturing processes together, ensuring seamless operations and reducing human error.

Unlock a world of efficiency and productivity with product packages, streamlining your workflows with ease. It’s the ultimate form-filling superhero, saving you time and headaches while boosting your manufacturing prowess. Let be your sidekick in conquering paperwork chaos!

Some of the systems can build include:

  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Quality control inspections and reporting
  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Supplier information and relationship management
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling and tracking
  • Regulatory compliance documentation and monitoring
  • Production performance tracking and reporting
Government and Public Sector Services

Government & Public Sector

Form and workflow automation in public services is key to unlocking a world of convenience and efficiency for citizens. Turn complex, time-consuming paperwork into a seamless and user-friendly experience with for government. empowers citizens to navigate bureaucratic processes effortlessly, saving them time, frustration, and countless trips to government offices.

Premium product package features like multi-tenancy and form bundling work for government agencies that have territorial responsibilities. On-prem hosting and open-source packages help you comply with regulations set by public service agencies.

Some of the systems can build include:

  • Permit & License Applications
  • Tax forms
  • Public record requests
  • Grant Applications
  • Voter registration
  • Inspection Management
  • Visa Application forms


Form automation is a life-saving prescription for the healthcare industry, revolutionizing patient care and streamlining administrative processes.

With mobile, patients can breeze through paperwork, reducing errors and improving overall satisfaction. Paramedics and hospital staff can also benefit; effortlessly managing documentation, scheduling, and data analytics, freeing up valuable time to focus on delivering top-notch care.

Join the healthcare revolution with and witness the transformative power of seamless form automation!

Some of the systems can build include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Telemedicine
  • Patient intake
  • Medicine history data
  • Consent & Referral forms
  • Health Insurance processing


Form automation is the A+ solution that education services need to ace their administrative tasks and enhance the student experience. Students can breeze through enrollment forms, course registrations, and feedback surveys, eliminating paper-based hassles and saving time for what truly matters: learning.

Faculty, guardians, and staff also benefit from its superpowers, simplifying grading, attendance tracking, and administrative workflows, enabling them to focus on inspiring young minds.

Some of the systems can build include:

  • Admissions and enrollment
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Applications
  • Student information forms
  • Student, Staff, Guardian surveys

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