Building An Open Source Approval System

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Building open source approval system

Could an open source approval system streamline your organization’s operations? Unless you have already automated your approval system’s workflow, the answer is probably “yes.”

There are a number of reasons you should consider an open-source approval workflow for forms and procedures. We’ll share just a few of those reasons, but let’s do it by way of an example of how these features can operate in action. 

Let’s imagine that you operate a residential garbage removal business. One day, a client contacts your office to change their service, adding a second collection bin to their home. This process needs to go through a workflow, starting with the customer request form on your company’s website and continuing all the way to the delivery of their new bin and the change in billing.


When an approval management system is open source, it is possible to mold it to your organization’s unique specifications. So for our example, it is possible to craft a workflow that moves the client’s request from the web form to the necessary stakeholders. At each step, an approval process can be implemented to ensure that all details are covered.


One of the things that can be customized in your new open source approval workflow system is task automation. Here, the request form can be sent to the office for address and name verification, and immediately upon approval from the office, it can be sent to the bookkeepers to update the billing, and so forth. 

In some approval systems, an open-source Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system can be implemented. This allows some tasks to be delegated to a computer instead of a human. 

Simplified workflow process

The approval workflows in an open source system can be as complex or as simple as you’d like them to be. If your garbage removal client’s address checks out, the approval process can go to the bookkeeper and the bin inventory manager at the same time. Compared to an email system, or even a spreadsheet, the process is faster and easier. 

Speedy changes

Speaking of speed, if your office staff realizes that they need to change the workflow, an open source approval system created in can make a real difference. Instead of going back to the IT department or out to a developer, many changes can be handled with a drag-and-drop form builder and robust workflow management tools.

If an open source approval system can work for the garbage removal company in our example, just imagine what it can do for your operation. Or, stop imagining and talk to us today.

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