How To Use #3: Reviews and Approvals

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In the last three videos in this series on getting acquainted with, open-source digital-transformation consultant Matthew Anderson explains how users in different roles view and interact with version 4.0, in particular Clients, Clerks, and Approvers.

In the first of these three videos you’ll learn how:

  • A Client views and submits a form
  • You can choose log-in options for the Client
  • A Client can submit and later review an application
  • A Client can download a copy of the completed form
  • A Client can view the progress of an application



In the next video you’ll see the first of a two-stage approval process, during which a Clerk can:

  • Log in and see pending tasks
  • Claim a particular form
  • Comment on a form
  • Approve this stage of process or send back to the Client for more information

You’ll also learn how the Client can make changes when requested.



In the final video you’ll learn how an Approver:

  • Chooses an application to approve
  • Can complete the form, perhaps with feedback
  • Can look at qualitative and quantitative data about form submissions



If you missed the first videos, catch up on how to add users to and how a Designer creates or modifies a form’s design.

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