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AOT’s Matthew Anderson attends League of Oregon Cities conference to promote open-source digital transformation

Matthew Anderson (L), an open-source digital-transformation consultant, enjoyed discussing AOT’s with municipal officials, employees, and contractors at the spring local governance conference put on by the League of Oregon Cities. He explains why conventions like this are so important.

I’ve been part of AOT Technologies’ Oregon office since it opened last year, and I’m always excited to get the chance to talk about, so when I learned about the League of Oregon Cities’ spring convention in Hermiston, I jumped at the chance to go! is an easy-to-use forms-and-workflow software solution that makes it easy for ordinary business users to create and modify online forms without the need of a professional programmer. The real experts, after all, are the people who use the software everyday, and puts that power in their hands!

As you can imagine, not only forms creation but adding a workflow to each form makes it an extremely powerful tool all across business and government. That’s not even getting into the powerful data analytics tools that come packaged with this open-source, low-code package.

So the chance to promote at the League of Oregon Cities’ spring convention in Hermiston was a chance I wasn’t going to miss out on. The LOC hosted a fantastic conference where I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with city officials from Estacada, Mosier, Eugene, and other towns and cities from all across Oregon.

And I’m happy to report I did get a chance to take the occasional break from the booth. I appreciate the organizers including a trip to a local winery as well as tickets to a high school rodeo!

Hermiston was a wonderful place to visit and I’m looking forward to the next LOC conference!

Have any questions about Matthew would be happy to help! Get in touch to talk to us today or email him at!


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