Product updates : Version 5.1.0 – Form Versioning, Form Embedding, and more!

Posted on Version 5.1.0

Introducing v5.1.0

The latest release of introduces a number of new major features along with many other minor enhancements, bug fixes, and security dependency updates.

We listened to our users and we are proud to announce Form Versioning, Form Embedding and Audits, Support for Resources, a fully-fledged Mobile Application, and PDF templating. We have also modified the Quick Installation process to make downloading and installing easier than ever.

Form Versioning and Audit

Users with the Designer role in the application can now see different versions of the form design along with its audit details. This provides the option of using an old version of the design to restore the form. Designers can also publish new versions that can be specified for use only for new submissions, and use existing form designs to create duplicates and publish forms.

Form Embedding

Customers can now embed forms designed on for use on other web applications. Earlier versions support this feature for anonymous forms with no user authentication, Version 5.1.0 includes support for authenticated form embedding.

Mobile Application

A fully developed mobile application with offline features developed using Flutter which can be published to the Google Play Store and/or Apple Store based on the customer requirements. Customers can customize the theme and business requirements using the mobile application template.

Form Resources

The application now supports the user in creating resources that can be used to define data objects in a project. 

Custom PDF Templates

Version 5.1.0 provides a RESTful Web Service to create a custom PDF layout for form data, which can be used to create a PDF output of a form per customer requirements. Stay tuned for more document management features in upcoming releases, including custom template storage. 

And More!

Along with these new features come many bug fixes and other performance enhancements. Check out on GitHub for code and full v5.1.0 update documentation.

Want to see for yourself? Try a free 14-day test instance of

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