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How to Set Up User Roles

User Roles Explained

Once a Designer has created and published applications for use in, online applications can be submitted by end-users (clients) that can access City services. An email is triggered when an application is submitted to alert the appropriate staff user (reviewer) to review the application. The reviewer has several options when completing their tasks. They can approve, disapprove, or return the form to the client for any additional information needed to ensure that the application is complete before it can be approved.

We can broadly divide the actors or users involved as:

  • Client – submits the application 
  • Reviewer – takes a decision on the application
  • Designer – designs the business license application form 

Based on the actors involved, the user, group, and role creation and management are performed in Keycloak by the Keycloak administrator.    

How To Configure User Roles in

1. Create Users

Users are created in Keycloak by choosing the appropriate realm and navigating to the User menu keycloak setup

2. Set User Credentials

Once the user is created, the login credentials are set in the credentials tab keycloak 2

3. User Group Mapping

Navigate to the Groups tab to map the user the appropriate group. keycloak 3

For more information on creating user roles see our Keycloak Setup page on GitHub.

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