How To Use #1: Add Users

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With, business users can create forms and associate workflows with them. To begin using, an administrator must first create users in Keycloak and then assign what group they belong to.

In the first of a series of videos on getting acquainted with, open-source digital-transformation consultant Matthew Anderson explains how to set up user IDs. Check out how to:

  • Create users in Keycloak
  • Specify user realm
  • Create groups within each realm
  • Add a user to a group with its particular permissions



Keycloak fully centralizes user creation, management, and the security of Keycloak also fully supports single sign-on as well as modern security standards such as SAML and OAuth 2.0. It can be fully integrated with existing user management systems as well.

Because uses a low-code approach, new business applications can be created without the need for a professional developer.

In the next video you can learn how a Designer can create a form and associate a workflow with it.

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